Agentina, 2004

Écrit par Rita Berrada.

2004, first job, first pay, first backpack travel J I've been to Argentina for only 10/12 days and enjoyed visiting some of the best spots: Buenos Aires of course, Iguazu falls and El Calafate with its legendary glacier Perito Moreno.

At this time, I didn't have a digital camera yet, so I don't have any personal pictures to share here, that's why  I'm just borrowing some pictures, only to illustrate the different places I am talking about.

My best memories: Tango in Buenos Aires streets, delicious food (empanadas, lomo, dulce de leche…), colorful Boca district, breathtaking landscapes of the Perito Moreno, with the impressive sound of ice breaking, walking through the Iguazu national park, in the heart of the falls and being hypnotized in front of "la Garganta del Diablo", litteraly " Devil's Throat", under a beautiful rainbow.




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