Dominican Republic, 2007/2008

Écrit par Rita Berrada.

2007, almost the end of the year, no plans for holidays, but the office is closing for new year's Eve and it will be a shame to lose some precious days off staying in cold Paris... Looking for last minute offers to go to a sunny destination; I ended going to Dominican Republic for a very good deal!

It won't be a backpack travel this time, but one week all inclusive in Boca Chica, a small town, on the east coast, 30 km from Santo Domingo. Perfect to have some rest, relax and enjoy the beach and the Caribbean Sea that I was discovering for the first time.

I have to say that it was faithful to postcard clichés: white sand, turquoise sea, coconut trees…a real taste of heaven!

If you go there someday, don't miss the visits to Catalina and Sanoa Islands.




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